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Landscape and Data Visualization - Tools for Effective Scientific Public Engagement


Chilean Federal Government – Ministry of Agriculture, Institute of Forestry


Workshop Leader

Facilitation methods used


Collaborators such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and several Ministries of the Chilean government were in the process of developing a comprehensive System for Monitoring of Native Chilean Forest Ecosystems (SIMEF)* with a public facing information platform intended to host decades of quantitative data, reports, maps and resources. The challenge they were facing is how to make this accessible, useful and meaningful to the public.


I was recruited to develope an in-person, multiday intensive workshop to offer 30 leaders in top research and industry positions an opportunity to learn practical skills for working with the public, develop effective communication tools and engage diverse stakeholders. 

*Sistema de Monitoreo de Ecosistemas Forestales Nativos de Chile


Participants gave overwhelmingly positive feedback that the learning opportunities offered were unique, practical, and solutions oriented. Also the hands-on workshop activities and introduction of new methods led to bridge building across backgrounds and disciplines. Learning opportunities encouraged using clear and accessible techniques such as Landscape visualizations, Alternative Future Scenarios and incorporation of Citizen Science to develop traffic and diversified use of website and resources.

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