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Project Management

project management

Do you have a project idea you would like someone to help you manage?

Hire a Professional Project Manager (PMP) to help you take on a big idea and get it done from start to finish

Please contact me directly to discuss if your project and my services are a good fit. 


TLC realizes that sometimes a challenge to implementing great project ideas is the process, it can feel overwhelming.


You know you have some good ideas but are not sure where to start. Or perhaps the thought of trying to understand what something might look like, figuring out how it would work on site, assessing how much it will cost, and then finding, hiring and managing tradespeople, just feels a bit exhausting.

If you would like someone on your side to help you with understanding and coordinating all the elements of design-build projects TLC can help. Project Management services can include 3D designs with a range of options, cost estimates with an educational dimension, and lots of choices making sure you understand the and pros and cons of each. We also offer help in finding the right tradespeople for the job and managing communications, scheduling, scope and quality.

Alicia LaValle,
Founder & Owner of The TLC

Alicia LaValle is a Professional Project Manager (PMP), with 12 years experience as a design-build landscape architect, land planner and sustainability researcher.


She has a Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Forestry (MSc) from the University of British Columbia focusing on interdisciplinary waste management and climate change solutions.


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