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Professional Facilitation

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Alicia LaValle offers award winning facilitation services to communities with diverse stakeholders working on complex, high stakes land planning challenges. Specializations include scientific knowledge translation through visual methods, participatory planning, multivariate mapping, design charrettes and citizen science.

Sustainable Design-Build

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The TLC is committed to green design and building techniques.

You will cultivate do-it-yourself confidence and skills that will last a lifetime.

The TLC is a one-stop-shop for sustainable design consultation and customized DIY training using the projects on your personal wish list. 

Group Workshops

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These workshops are perfect for skill-building, connecting with like-minded folks and creating an unforgettable experience.

Find out more about workshops being offered or suggest a workshop you and others in your community are hoping for.

Project Management Services

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For larger scale or more complex projects I offer project management services. 

Tool School Online Courses

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Let Alicia teach you the skills you want in the comfort of your home and on your time with Tool School online courses.


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Do you live on the Sunshine Coast, BC and find it challenging to find someone who can help with home maintenance?

Are you a senior who wants to live independently but could use a few improvements to help you age-in-place?

I'd love to help! Click the button below and fill out our form.

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