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Introducing the new TLC toolbelts!

I’ve used a lot of toolbelts over the years...

and there's all too often something just not quite right, so I've decided to design my own.


Made with consideration for female anatomy. Instead of having to take everything off these toolbelts make bathroom breaks a breeze, with an easily adjustable hip belt and pockets that are lightweight, free moving and durable. The TLC toolbelts are made to feel just like - well - your most comfortable pants, because they are just that, each one upcycled from jeans and work pants. Each is unique. Built for every body and style, fall in love with your new favorite accessory.


Easy to sit, stand, climb and move around comfortably, they're great for gardening, building, crafting, working on a ladder or in a tight space.


Designed by TLC

a female small business owner and up-cycling entrepreneur.

Upgrade your TLC toolbelt to include a waterproof and scratch resistant touch-screen pouch which can securely attach to your toolbelt in several ways. This means you can access and use your phone easily even when your hands are dirty or wet. It also helps keep it handy, but protected from the other tools and hardware in your pockets.


New sizes and styles,

including kids and tween!

Inventory changes frequently and each toolbelt is unique. Contact me to find out events on the Sunshine Coast where I will be selling next, and you can see them and to try them on!


TLC Toolbelts

Toolbelts designed for life

No matter if it’s the kiddos or the canines that demand some TLC while you're working on a project,


you can easily transition your busy hands to all the roles you play in day


and never misplace the tools you need to finish the job.

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