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Coming Soon!

Tool School Memberships will offer access to a growing collection of online tutorials including: 

  • Some of the workshops I offer 

  • Safe and effective use of many common tools DIY projects will require  

  • Tips for sourcing and working with reused materials, integration of sustainable design and seasonally relevant topics (e.g. rain harvesting, gardening etc) 

  • Some niche favorite tools I find along the way that I especially like for tiny home living, female friendly ergonomics, sustainable manufacturing and more. 


You will also become a member of an online community to share questions, resources, and participate in live events and classes.   


For now: If you live in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and would be interested in one of my other services, let me know if you would be open to having your project(s) featured in Tool School courses, discounts are available for collaborators. 


Here is a sample of Tool School offerings – A DIY fence building project.
This 10 minute video offers step-by-step guidance, tips on safety, designing for durability and how to work smarter to make the job easier. Enjoy!
Fence Video
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