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Since 2007 Alicia LaValle has offered award winning facilitation services to clients with diverse stakeholders and complicated, contentious land planning challenges

Specializing in

  • scientific knowledge translation via visual methods

  • participatory planning 

  • multivariate mapping 

  • design charrettes

  • citizen science

Alicia LaValle

As a Professional Project Manager (PMP) Alicia excels at facilitating public participation processes, and she has been invited to lead workshops in several countries.


Bringing together her professional skills as a landscape architect (MLA) helping clients with large, long-term land planning and design challenges, with her research experience (MSc) understanding individuals and organizations in complex decision making, she is well versed in several methods that can help your group with community engagement processes.


Facilitation Methods

Deep Democracy

facilitate conversations and group decision making

Scientific Communication through Visualizations

demystify scientific data and analysis

Ecosystem Services Analysis

monetary, cultural and intrinsic value determination

Alternative Future Scenarios

mapping and visioning

Ecosystem Based Management (EBM)

evidence-based knowledge exchange

Deep democracy & alternative futures
Scientific Comms & EBM
Ecosystem Services Analysis

Do you have a project that requires skilled facilitation and/or community engagement?

I'd love to hear about it!

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