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Cool Tool Warm World


University of British Columbia


Project Manager - Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP)

Facilitation methods used


In this project Cool Tools Warm World researchers explore how communities can be mobilized through new technologies and social practices to foster climate literacy and action.


I was tasked to develop and facilitate the climate change solutions oriented research group, all engaged in using design and testing of digital media to enhance learning behaviour change. The cluster included scholars in: education, psychology, land planning, computer science, and design. 


As project manager of this 34 person multidisciplinary team I often acted as the public liaison, featured in interviews on CBC TV and CBC Radio as well as local media outlets. This generated interest in localized and stakeholder influenced climate change solutions. Social media campaigns I led gained up to 61,000 views. I coordinated and facilitated public outreach events including organizing and hosting a 2-day multidisciplinary symposium and workshop bringing together 97 high profile experts and stakeholders including: Members of Parliament, industry CEOs, non-profit directors, curriculum developers, and leading scholars in social and environmental sciences.


I was particularly proud to organize an expert youth panel to showcase their involvement and innovation in CALP projects and provide an arena for youth voices to engage with current leaders. 


The research project was awarded the distinction of a UBC Research and Innovation Excellence Cluster for being an “interdisciplinary networks of researchers addressing key societal and cultural problems, and working together to solve challenges that transcend traditional boundaries associated with departments, institutions, and funding agencies.”

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