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Design tools: sustainable solutions for your garden & home

Tuesday December 14th at 6:30pm. Online and free to all who register

Presenter: Alicia LaValle, Founder & Owner of The Toolbelt Learning Collaborative (TLC)

Combining 12 years of experience as a landscape architect (MLA), climate change solutions researcher (MSc), and project management professional (PMP), with 10+ years experience as an educator to create a Sunshine Coast based business committed to building community capacity for sustainable solutions in our own homes, gardens and lifestyles.

Topic: Design tools for sustainable solutions in your garden and home

As a design-builder, guided by principles of cradle-to-cradle thinking in land, water and “waste” management projects, I’ve found a common challenge in converting great ideas, to on-the-ground solutions, is the design process. What will these solutions look like? How will they work on this site? This talk will use the case study of rainwater harvest systems, to help you answer some of these questions, and create systems that truly suit your home and landscape needs. This will be an introduction to some free, user-friendly design tools (e.g. Sketchup and Google Earth) and tips and tricks on how they can be used to design rainwater harvest and other projects on you wish list.


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