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FREE Rogue Fest workshop - November 27th, 2021

NOTE: Attendees of the 10am workshop on rainwater harvest will be offered an additional 10% off TLC handmade, up-cycled toolbelts, in ADDITION to the already discounted prices for of 2021 Holiday sale.

UPDATE: The pre-registered Tiny Home Building workshop is now full, but you can still sign up to be on the wait list. Also there is no limit to how many can come to the 10am TLC intro featuring tips and tricks for Rainwater Harvesting! Sign up on our Facebook event.

DIY Rainwater Harvest

This free workshop, sponsored by Rogue Fest and TLC, will start at 10am with an introduction to how TLC can help you with some of your sustainability project ideas with a focus on Rainwater Harvest 101. This climate friendly and sustainable solution is great for the Sunshine Coast where we are fortunate enough to live in a temperate rainforest, yet experience water restriction year after year in the summer. Drought and heat waves are only likely to get more intense. But you know all this already. Come learn how to be part of the solution with approachable and fun DIY solutions for your home and garden.

This intro talk does not require registration - open to the public, come one, come all!

This will be followed by an intense 3 hour session of hands-on learning for pre-registered participants to build their first ever tiny-tiny home: A Little Book Library for community sharing! You will learn some fundamental carpentry and home building skills going from design to a finished project! Work with wood and get physical with power tools, this includes learning about framing, structure, weather proofing, and much more. Think of it as a “barn raising party” in miniature!

TLC is focused on sustainability in all things, so you will also be learning to build with reused materials and even install solar power lighting – inviting those on evening walks to the warm glow of a community hub for exchanging well loved books.

Space is limited so register early for the hands-on workshop. Photography is welcome and encouraged so you can share what you learned with family and friends when you go home. We will also have a professional photographer on site.

UPDATE: After the workshop raffle tickets will be sold online and one lucky winner to get to take home the book library. Proceeds will go to help fund TLC’s scholarship fund to offer similar skill building workshops to low-income families on the Coast. This Rogue Fest original design will feature a second story attic - a perfect little fairy home. Stay tuned on social media to see the final results, and opportunities to buy raffle tickets for your chance to win (and to see if any local fairies move in, I have heard there are many excited to find their forever home)

ABOUT TLC: Alicia LaValle is a landscape architect, tiny-home builder, certified Project Management Professional, climate change solutions researcher and long-time educator. Alicia has wrapped that experience all up into a collection of one-on-one coaching services, group workshops and sustainable design + build project management. If you are interested in more independent and sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast TLC services are for you!

For more information on Alicia’s background see:


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