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Rainwater Harvest and Sustainable Landscapes 101

Join TLC tomorrow Dec. 6th @ 6pm and Thursday Dec. @12noon for a FREE workshop via Zoom on Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Landscapes. Register here:

Not matter if you are a home or business owner with a landscape you would like to improve or if you live in a condo or apartment, there is something for everyone to learn in this power-packed presentation and discussion session.

The photo in the post is of one day of harvest from a 84 sq. meter garden watered entirely by rainwater. This picture was taken on August 11th, 2021 - one day after SCRD went into stage 4 water conservation restrictions banning all outdoor use of SCRD water. This garden continued to be prolific all through the summer and fall thanks to the rainwater captured off 51 sq. meters of rooftop. Then Nov 2021 almost all of BC experienced 2x or more rainfall than the average November. These patterns of more severe droughts and more intense winter rainstorms are only going to become more common. TLC focuses on sustainable solutions. One might argue, we don't have a water crisis, we have a water timing and conservation challenge.

In this workshop you will get an overview of rainwater harvest options, introduction to inspiring case studies, and practical tips on thinking through the technical considerations for your home and lifestyle. Transform your landscape into the dream garden you always wanted, Next summer you could be the one sharing with your friends and neighbors your bountiful harvest or stunning flowers, as well as your knowledge on how you did it. Now is the time, think globally, act locally, lets join forces and be part of a community-based solution - We Can Do It!


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